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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Staying Off the Pole

I don't have an October New Thing just yet and the month is drawing to a quick close. As my southern friends say, "I'm in a pickle, yah'll."

In my pursuit for finding a New Things to do every month (for my 12 New Things project this year), I joined Groupon a few weeks ago. I mentioned this website in my post, Strategies for Saving Oodles of Money a while back, though I had only heard of it and hadn't really explored it at that point.

Groupon is a really cool concept. Businesses in your area offer a great deal (50-90% off) and, from what I understand, it takes a certain number of people to purchase the deal to "tip it" and make it available (similar to meeting a reserve on ebay). You get an inexpensive experience or dining opportunity, the business gets some exposure (because you've told all your friends about it so as to "tip" the deal) and Groupon makes a little bit through the partnerships. It's a win, win, win and I'm all for it. I just wish I'd figured this out months ago.

Friends have recently told me that they've gotten cheap scuba diving excursions, zip line adventures, dance lessons and so forth. Therefore, I have been stalking Groupon deals for weeks, thinking this would make New Things just fall into my lap. The email notifications come to my inbox every morning and they're the first thing I look for on my Blackberry when I wake up.

I got really excited a couple of days ago, thinking I'd found a New Thing adventure for October. The deal was $29 for an unlimited number of dance lessons for a month. "Perfect!" I thought to myself. I'm terrible at dancing, so taking a couple of classes would push me out of my comfort zone and maybe I'll even pick up a few moves in the process.

I kept scrolling down through the email, ready to make my purchase. The description went on to say that the dance lesson package included unlimited tanning sessions as well. "That's weird," I thought to myself, wondering why ballroom dance lessons would include unlimited tanning.

That's when I saw the name of the "dance studio."  


I'll keep looking and let you know when I've found something for October.

*Just in case you were wondering, I'm not paid or otherwise compensated in any way by Groupon or PoleWorx to promote their services.


  1. Trying to think of some clever and witty comment to leave...but I'm too busy giggling :)