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Friday, December 3, 2010

Misfortune Cookies

It's been one of those days, so when I got home it seemed like a good idea to binge on fortune cookies leftover from the last time we ordered Chinese food.

Here are my fortunes, with my editorial comments in italics:

  • Your qualities overshadow your weaknesses. I had been worried about that. 
  • Your hard work is about to pay off. Bring it. 
  • You will make a change for the better within the year. By the end of THIS year? As in a few weeks from now? Holla!  
  • An unexpected visitor will bring you good blessings. Let me know when you're coming and I'll have refreshments ready. 
Because I wanted to know if there are ever negative sayings in fortune cookies, I googled it and came up with these "misfortunes:"
  • The words "watoo-owan-koha" will bring bad luck and premature death to all who read them. 
  • You regard free speech not as a right, but a never-ending obligation.
  • You have a big future in food service. 
  • Act natural. Don't turn around. 
  • If you live a long life, it will be a remarkable testament to your friends' and relatives' self control. 


  1. I think the last misfortune is hilarious! Your blog is fabulous. What you are doing is wonderful, brave and so inspiring. Keep it up!!!!