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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Jog Slowly

I walk slowly, but I never walk backward. Abraham Lincoln

Well, I jog slowly, but I never jog backward. I posted last week that I wouldn’t be running a race as I had planned. That is true, I won't be running and competing in the race, but I’ve decided to still participate. I’m going to jog/ walk (and just walk if I need to), but would still like to be there to show my support for the cause that the event benefits. The annual Amy Thompson Run raises funds for the Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City, an organization that one of my friends is associated with.

Don’t misinterpret my dedication for enthusiasm. I do not feel good about what I’m going to do tomorrow. I am ill-prepared at best. I’d really hoped that I would be excited and ready. I don’t feel either of those things. Instead, I'm full of dread and I hope that I can blend in and not make too big of a fool of myself. My goal prior to the beginning of the race will be to scope out some older folks that look like they may be walkers. I’ll jog/ walk/ jog near them. Hopefully there will be elderly walkers. 

My other goal tomorrow is to get a feel for how these races operate so that I know what I’m in for next time. You know, for when I’m a runner again.

Wish me luck.

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  1. shanna, first, thanks for the plug on the Run! and second, do not feel bad! heres the thing, there are over 800 people just in your event!! believe me, we have all kinds and runner level. I've worked packet pick up all weekend, and seen your 'competition'. :) you got it girl! jog, walk, it doesnt matter. and I promise you wont be the only one starting and stopping. just enjoy the feel of it all and the great course along beautiful homes and trees.
    im excited for you to be there and checking everything outd!
    rule #1 on organizing a're up at 3 a.m on Race Day! Haha! Hope to see you out there!!! I'll be in lime green Race shirt. xoxo Kate