My 12 New Things

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm a Runner!

I'm a runner! Okay, maybe I'm currently more of a jog/walk/jogger, but according to Runner's World Special Beginner's Guide that I received as a free gift for subscribing to the magazine, "It doesn't matter how fast you go. If you consider yourself a runner, you're a runner." I'm a runner!

For New Thing #6, I will be running in a race at the end of May. You read that right. Me. Running a race.

(You may be wondering what happened to New Thing #5 that's to take place in April. It's in the works. Don't worry).

In a previous posting, I told you about Carolyn Mitchell, the 74 year old marathon runner. Just to refresh your memory, she's completed 97 marathons in 50 states and on all 7 continents and she didn't start running until she was in her 50s. I find this incredible and it made me want to start running. I was further inspired by Billie Jean King and the other amazing women that shared their stories at that luncheon and it motivated me to push my athletic potential. I might have been blinded by the aura of that moment of inspiration or someone could have laced the iced tea I was drinking. Either way, I'm going for it.

I've never really done much running before. I've actually been guilty of making fun of runners and declaring that I only run when my life is in danger. I can be a little cheeky.

In preparation for becoming a runner I did a few things:
  • Downloaded a PDF called Couch to 5k in 8 Weeks.
  • Bought a new workout outfit.
  • Subscribed to Runner's World and ordered the free corresponding Beginner's Guide and Runner's Log.
With those things under my belt, I was on my way.

Last Friday I began my running journey with a triumphant 2 mile jog/walk/jog on the bike path near my house. It took me a ghastly 31 minutes. Yesterday and today's times were just as ghastly, but at least I was out there doing it. I don't expect myself to be a fabulous runner straight out of the gate so I'm not terribly upset about these numbers. I'll get better and I have some time to train.

New Thing #6 will commence on Memorial Day with a 2 mile run to benefit an organization that one of my friends is associated with- the Amy Thompson Run. Proceeds benefit the Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City ( They provide critical funding for prevention programming as well as information and direct support for individuals and their loved ones who face the ongoing trauma of brain injury. Since its inception the run has raised more than 1.5 million to help all people with brain injury. For those of you interested in the race, there's also an 8k course and a Kiddie Dash.

My goal for the race is threefold-
  • To finish without embarassing myself too greatly.
  • To run the whole way with no walking.
  • Use this as a starting point to run in longer races in the future.
I know my little 2 mile race isn't impressive to most people, but I have to start somewhere. Wish me luck!


  1. when you get to the point of having runners will totally be addicted. promise :-)

  2. I've heard of a runner's high... can't really fathom what that feels like, but I look forward to it! :)